Tiktok Username: How To Change Your Name On Tiktok

I will be sharing information on how  to change your name on tiktok from your Android phone, iPhone, PC and computer. If you have been finding difficult to change your tiktok username, definitely this content will be of great help to you. With step by step guide, I will teach you how to change profile name on TikTok within 3 minutes.

Probably you created a Tiktok account with the aim of meeting new friends and have fun. Along the line, you realize that it could be used to promote your products or brands and decided to change the username, to a name that relates to your brand.

Or you need a tiktok name that’s unique, anyone at all” I will properly guide you on how to easily change your name on tiktok.

In different occasions, new tiktok users create account without having in mind what suitable username to use as their username. Thereby, looking for means to change it after some weeks or months of creating the account. Recall few days ago, we shared a similar article, which I’m sure you would like to see.

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There isn’t much different between changing your Tiktok username on PC and mobile. However, I have written a step by step guide to change your profile name on tiktok using your computer, laptop or PC. Now, you have to follow the instructions below to run it up;

How To Change Your Username On TikTok On computer, Laptop, & PC


If  you’re using PC, laptop or computer and you’re finding it very difficult to change your tiktok username/ name” below are the steps to follow and change it within few minutes.

  • Turn on your Computer, PC or Laptop.
  • Login to your Tiktok account via the App or use their website
  • Go to Me menu at the right.
  • Click on Edit Profile
  • 5 Steps To Change Your Name On Tiktok
  • Enter the new Username, and click save. ( Make sure you type in a unique username)

Changing your username is different from changing your name on tiktok. Your username is the one that comes with tiktok.com/@techdut, while your name appear differently. Hence, you are allowed to change your tiktok username ones in a month (30 days ).

Steps To Change Your Name On Tiktok


Just as I said earlier, in Tiktok’ there’s a difference between changing of name and username. What I shared above is how to change your TikTok username, and the method work both on PC and mobile. Now, I will show you guys how to change your name on tiktok for iPhone, android & computer;

  • First of all, login to your Tiktok Account.
  • Tap on “Me” menu at the right hand side.
  •  Navigate and click on Edit Profile.
  • Select “Name” which is the first option and type in your new unique name.
  • That’s all, enjoy.

You can change your tiktok name as often as you want, but you can only change your tiktok username ones in every 30 days. It’s very easy and you can perform this action in any device.

At this point, I believe you have learnt how to change your name / username on tiktok. Feel free to check our related articles on tiktok tips and be properly guide.

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