Tips On How To Unforward Calls ( Fast Method )

In today’s guide, I will show you tips on how to Unforward calls. If you have been suspecting that’ your calls has been forwarded to another number. Then’ follow this guide to turn off or Unforward the calls. This method works perfectly on iPhone, android, Samsung, T-Mobile and more.

Call forwarding is just like sending your incoming calls to another phone number, this can easily be achieved by setting up a call divert.

However, someone might tap your phone and inject a code to listen to all your incoming phone calls. Which means, all your calls will be forwarded to his/her number. Whenever you receive a call, the person will hear conversations from both parties.

But in a situation where you intentionally set up a call divert/forward your incoming calls to another number, and you want to unforward it. This post have a complete guide for that.

Sign Your Call Is Forwarded To Another Number


Obviously some people doesn’t know how it happened, who forwarded their calls to another number. While some did it intentionally, but doesn’t know how to turn it off or unforward it.

Well, the sign that shows that’ your incoming calls are being forwarded to another number is that’ you won’t be able to receive calls with that number.

If someone call your number, the person will be notify that “the call has been forwarded to another number”. Hence, all your calls will be redirect to the phone number that is been forwarded to.

How To Unforward Calls 


If you mistakenly put your phone on call forwarding or someone did, and you want to unforward it, here is the best and fastest method to turn off call forwarding;

  • Pick up your phone.
  • Go to call App
  • Dial *73 and Send
  • Listen and follow the voice prompts.

NOTE – make sure the phone and sim card you’re dialing this number is the one that’s being forwarded to another number

If your calls is truly forwarded to another number, it will unforward” but this code won’t work if their no call forwarding associated with the phone number you dialed the above number.

That’s all, hopefully you have learnt how to unforward calls” feel free to give us feedback after turning off your call forwarding with the above code.

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