What Does Blue Text Messages Mean On Samsung? Find Out

A lot of our readers are asking what does blue text messages mean on samsung? While some are equally asking what a blue dot next to a text message mean on android phone? The truth is that, it takes only a technology guru to easily learn different phone brand features and how it works.

If you’re using Samsung phone, then you must have seen the blue bubble text messages, while some appears to be green.  A lot of Samsung users are really confuse on what that  blue text messages means, and also asking if it’s possible to disable it? Well, that’s what I will be sharing here today.

Samsung as a mobile phone brand, has its own features that differentiate them from others. Hence, blue bubble text messaging color is one of them’ and it signify something, which is what I will be talking about now.

What Do Blue Text Messages Mean On Samsung? 


In a layman understanding, blue text messages on Samsung means that’ the text messages was send through SMS, iMessage, MMS, or advance messages.

Whenever a text is send via any of this medium, it will show blue’ while some appears to be green, and yellow. Hence, that’s one of the outstanding features of Samsung phone, this is mostly for those using Samsung S10, S20, but that doesn’t mean that’ it doesn’t appear in other Samsung phones.

How To Fix Blue Text Messages On Samsung?


Recall I told you guys that’ the blue bubble text is one of the features that came along with Samsung Galaxy. Hence it’s something you can disable. However, it’s not impossible to remove it, I have a working method to use and stop the blue bubble text messages from appearing.

Download Goodluck App


If you want to disable or stop this blue bubble text from your Samsung phone, just note that’ it can only be achieved with Goodluck App.

Hence, you will have to visit  Google Play Store => Search for Goodluck App => download and install it. Open the app and set it up.




Wrapping up the content, I hope you have learnt the what blue text messages on Samsung means, and how to disable it? Feel free to use the comment box below to give us feedback.

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