What Does The Black Circle Mean On Location iPhone? ( Find Out Here )

iOS users have been asking us “what does the black circle mean on location iphone? The function and significant of the black circle on location sharing on iPhone and iPad. Well, this is one of the outstanding features of iPhone, that shows whenever your family and friends location can’t be ascertain at the moment.

Apple iPhone has numerous features, and a lot of its users are obviously finding it very difficult to know the functions and significants of most of the features. It can be a bit stressful to navigate some of them without the help of video or written tutorial.

Now on today’s guide, you will learn the meaning and function of black circle on location iphone. What the black circle that appears on the location sharing on any iPhone means.

What Does The Black Circle Mean On Location Sharing On iPhone 12/11 Pro Max/ XR/XS MAX/8/7/6s Plus : iOS 14?


Apple iPhone location sharing feature enables you to share your current location with your family and friends, you saved their contacts on your iPhone. When you turn on or configure share location on iPhone, it appears blue circle’ which is very normal.

But if the blue circle turn out to appear black circle on location sharing, this could mean that the App isn’t able to ascertain┬áthe current location of your friend / family and is probably showing you the last location it has registered.

How To Configure iPhone Location Sharing


You can easily configure or set up your iPhone location sharing. To get started, kindly follow the guidelines below;

  1. Open Settings App
  2. Enter “your name”.
    • If you use iOS 11, tap Settings > “your name” > iCloud.
  3. After that, tap Share My Location.
  4. Select “family member name” to share with that person.

If you want to stop sharing your location, go ahead and turn it off, you can turn it on whenever you change your mind. And then again, you can choose or approve certain contacts to see your location when you turn it on.



Now, whenever the circle turn out to appear Black, kindly note that’ the app can’t find the the current location at the moment.

Hopefully you have gotten an answer to your question? I’m glad you’ve learnt what black dot circle means on location on iPhone, feel free to walk-around the blog and see other helpful contents on iPhone.

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